About us

Soyuz Foods International Incorporated was formed by professionals in the fields of marketing, production and export with the purpose of producing and marketing 100% Philippine fruit purees with no additives or preservatives meeting the highest international standards. Among its goals is to concentrate on servicing the demand for 100% natural calamansi extract. Strong links have been established with farmers, farmers groups and related government institutions in Southern Philippines thereby assuring adequacy of raw materials and timely delivery of orders.

Soyuz Foods linked up with the Department of Science and Technology’s Industrial Technology Development Institute  in a research project aiming to identify, test and develop processes and packaging that would allow the Philippines’ famous fruit – calamansi, to be exported with a guaranteed shelf life of at least 1 year at room temperature, without need for freezing, refrigeration or any artificial preservatives.

In the near future, Soyuz Foods International, Inc. plans to similarly conduct research on other Philippine produce and enlarge its portfolio of fruit purees and extracts.